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Street Art Production

unique and original productions

"Street Art Production" lifts street art culture in Israel to a professional level, giving it stage, artistic and theatrical expression.

We provide unique and original productions from the world of the urban movement that leave audiences open-mouthed, amazed and excited.

We have years of valuable and practical experience in producing custom-made content for commercial, private, street events, as well as stage shows, theater and a wide range of Activities and Events for Children and Youth.

Orthodox Jews Dancing

A Rosh Hashanah Clip that Conquered YouTube

Adelightful and viral clip in honor of the Jewish New Year that was watched by thousands of Jews on YouTube, and which ostensibly shows ultra-Orthodox Jewish breakdancers from a Jerusalem yeshiva dancing in the streets of the Holy City.

But a closer look reveals that these "yeshiva students" are really the professional "Lions of Zion" breakdance group from "Street Art Production". A Jewish performance of a Rabbi and Orthodox Jews dancing to the music of LMFO.


Urban Performance

"Street" is an urban stage performance that tells the story of the streets of Israel. It is of very high theatrical quality, and brings to the stage the most contemporary stylesof dance, acrobatics and extremes one can find today in the theater arts repertoire: breakdance, parkour, hip hop, beat-box, street dancing and acrobatics.

Special Performances for Weddings

We bring unique and original attractions and shows to weddings that are quite different than the usual fare, just because we like to do things a little different: Even the Rabbi might start to breakdance! Street art and culture provide quality and diverse content for your special event, and our customers want to be as original as possible and give their guests a very special experience. 


The Shadow Show

Lions of Zion Crew

Suddenly the shadows on the stage take on a life of their own. A performance using with multi-media that stretches the imagination to new limits, presenting the audience with an on-stage performance of movement, synchronized with human animation and with a human message of cooperation. The show combines breakdancing, video art and theater skills.

Jews Holiday Shows

Hanukkah, Purim and Passover

The show presents the story of the holiday in a unique and innovative way, specifically tailored for children and youth. It is an interactive and humorous performance with lots of rhythm and movement by the "Lions of Zion" breakdance crew. The show's main concept uses the beat of holiday songs, dancing, rhythm, movement and lots of fun, The rap and beat-box artists provide the narrative and historical tone of the holiday.

Special Performances for Bar Mitzvahs

The rhythm is New York and the dances Blue-and-White by the oldest and most professional breakdance group in Israel. The "Lions of Zion" crew have been appearing at Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations for more than a decade, and thanks to their rich experience, are an unbridled hit at every Bar and Bat Mitzvah party!! 

A performance that will leave your guests gaping with amazement.

Bat Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah

Sparta Breakdance Show

Lions of Zion Crew

A performance inspired by the Hollywood film "300" about the warriors of ancient Sparta. This is an original and exclusive breakdance performance with dancers dressed like Sparta warriors with spears and shields. This show was chosen to represent Israel in the 2008 International Breakdance Championship in Korea.

Jews Flash Mob

Dancing that Hits You By Surprise

"Flash Mob" means a sudden gathering of a large group of people in any public place who execute some action considered out of the ordinary for a given amount of time, and then disappear as suddenly as they appeared. The beauty and uniqueness of the Flash Move lies in the element of surprise and its power of joint creativity. Flash Move was first created in 2003, growing out of a consumer protest against luxury stores in Manhattan.

Original content for your event

We provide unique and original performances from the urban world that leave the audience open-mouthed and thrilled

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