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About Us

Street Art Production

Street Art Production

 wide variety of unique content for events

After years of producing street arts and underground events, we finally built an all-in one production named called "Street Art", which provides a wide range of elements.

During the show the skilled artists combine power and dynamic movements that leave the audience overwhelmed and filled with excitment.


Productions and Events

Unique and original shows that leave audiences amazed and excited


Dvir Rozen - CEO

About our amazing CEO and his work over the years in the field of street culture

Crews and Artists

 wide variety of unique content for events

A unique content that leaves the audience in an open-mouthed and thrilling

Hip Hop Dancers

Hip Hop

Graffiti Artists


​Parkour Shows


Breakdance shows


Skateboard Shows


​Rollerblades Shows


​Stunt Bike Shows

Stunt Bike



BeatBox Shows


​Capoeira Shows


Characters and actors


Crews and Artists

The following groups are part of Street Art Productions:

Lions Of Zion Crew - Breakdance

Break-dance is a type of acrobatic dance which was developed  on the streets of New York City. It combines Hip Hop, street Jazz, Capoeira and freestyle. Dancers are dressed according to the art’s special styles, with masks and the rhythm of the street. The Lions of Zion represent Israel internationally and performs in various events throughout Israel.

Israeli Parkuor Team - I.P.T

Action breaks new boundaries! An urban, sport-orientated acrobatic show, in which the artists perform breathtaking choreographed exercises. 

Graffiti Crew

Graffiti performed by artists straight form the street, a colorful performance with a true urban vibe. A stand with Graffiti shirts can be added to all events. 

Hip Hop Dancers

Hip hop dancers, creative, talented and professional in a variety of showsfor business and private events: Bar/bat Mitzvah celebrations, weddings, corporate events, branding and sales promotion shows, commercials and more.

Hip Hop D.js

Israel’s best Special Scratching shows at the D.J stand.

Rap and Beatbox Artists

Contemporary performance with dynamic rappers and beat boxers for show and event. Rhythmic rap songs with contemporary hip hop music.

Wheels of Fire Crew

A group of professional Skateboarding, Rollerblading and Stunt bikeskaters which perform amazing excersises on ramps and banisters.


 wide variety of unique content for events

Previous Performances

Main show at the Art Biennale in Rishon Le'Zion.

Euro final four at the Yad Eliyaho stadium 2004-2006: Israeli team representing the country at the International Breakdance championships - House cheerleaders for Macabi Tel Aviv in Yad Elieho Hall.


Concept shows

Extreme shock show, Shoko Shock, Tenuva, Break-dance Frisbee show Strauss ice cream. Performing on Israeli TV's "Israeli Idol",

"Born to Dance", "The next big thing", "Yatzpan" and more.

TV channel 1: Maccabia closing ceremony, "King of Breakdance" competition, "Zman Avir".

TV channel 2: Breakdance and Parkor in "Israeli Idol"',

"Born to Dance"', "The next big thing", Kinder Bueno commercial,

"After all" with Tal Berman,

The morning show with Gidi Gov - featuring Breakdance and fly jumper,

Channel 2 news - about the lives of athletes - Parkour.

TV channel 10: Rafi Reshef article about Parkor Red Bull over The Blocks, Yoman Shishi- article about lifestyles of Parkor athletes. "London and Kirshnbaum", Main news edition Exit city - A national Hip-hop and Break-dance competition. TV Channel 3: "God Evening" with Guy Pines, "Exit" - Parkor and Break-dance. Live 17 event at Suzan Dalal art center.
Strauss's "Break-dance Frisebee" event. Extreme performance at RC-Rave event in Gani Ha'taarocha, Tel Aviv.


Awards & Recognitions

First places in Israeli Breakdance championships over the years.
Representing Israel at Breakdance international championships over the years.Performed in numerous special presentations, festivals, TV/Commercial appearances and artistic events.



Representing Israel at the international Korian Break-dance championship in 2008. R16 Event in Korea June 2008. 



Dancing in the street

A theatrical Break-dance show: first of its kind in Israel. Performed by the group "Aryot Zion” (Lions of Zion) with "Hashaa” (The time) theatre and Iyala Houftman. Supported by the Israeli Break-dance association. The show is performed in schools throughout Israel. A record number of over 300 shows have been sold during 2006-2012.

An outcast youth is making his way to belonging through

Break-dance. On his way he finds a non-violent solution to a

long-lasting dispute between rival gangs.

Suitable for grades 5th to 12th, and up to 400 viewers, 50 minutes long.
Technical requirements: darkness, tri-phaseal electricity,

stage size 8 meters over 6 meters.

Choreography: Dvir Rozen.

The Preformers are: Lions of Zion crew.

Writing: Daniel Efrat.
Direction: Gilad Kimchi.
Music: Nadav Rubinstein and Hen Tochner.
Artistic advisor: Amit Goldenberg.
Set design: Yossi Bar Niv.


Shadow show

Suddenly, on the stage, shadows have a life of their own... An urban dance gang which combines Hip Hop, Break-dance and other street performances stretches the boundaries of imagination with a combination of street sounds, animation and movement. The show has a message about the power of working together.


Suitable for all ages, 4.5 minutes long.
Technical requirements: darkness, tri-phaseal electricity, stage size 6 meters over 6 meters.


Choreography: Dvir Rozen.
Writing: Erez Peled.
Direction: Eran Pisher.
Music: Erez Keinan.
Video Art: Merlin Group.

The Preformers are: Lions of Zion crew.


S-A-P Showcase

A show which combines all of the street arts with video art.

An energetic and stirring performance like no other, combining 18 artists coming together on stage into one harmonious movement made out of all of their different languages- with video screens in the background adding to the visual stimulation.


Suitable for all ages, 15 minutes long.
Technical requirements: darkness, tri-phaseal electricity,

stage size 8 meters over 6 meters.


Choreography: Dvir Rozen.
Writing: Dvir Rozen.
Direction: Jecki Bahar.
Music: Hen Tochner.
Video Art: Merlin Group.

Original content for your event

We provide unique and original performances from the urban world that leave the audience open-mouthed and thrilled

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