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Bat Mitzvah

Shows And Attractions

Special Bat Mitzvah In Israel

"Street art production" brings to your bat mitzvah event the atmosphere and the style of street arts

We specialize in producing special bar/bat mitzvah events, offering a variety of artistic programs and bar mitzvah attractions tailored to you, to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience.

"Lions of Zion"

Bat Mitzvah Breakdance Show

Rhythm is from New York the dancers are from Israel, The "Lion of Zion" breakdance crew specializes and well experienced in breakdance shows for bat mitzvah events that leaves the audience thrilled.

Experience of over a decade in shows at bat mitzvah

An amazing breakdance show that consists of unique choreography suited for a bat mitzvah event. In the breakdance show the bat mitzvah girl and guests can participate in easy and enjoyable breakdance moves.

The choreography is built from a personal solo of each of the dancers, accompanied by pounding music that will jump the guests from theirs seats to the dance floor.

Breakdance Star

Bat Mitzvah Dance with dancing course

suddenly in the middle of the show the bat mitzvah bride join the dancers in a coordinated dance that she leads, do funky acro-balance moves and get the proper spot light. At the end of the show, a human pyramid is performed and at it center is the bat mitzvah girl with her hand lifted high in the air.

During the preparations at the "breakdance star" course, the bat mitzvah girl receives a personal Training, learns enjoyable dancing steps and groove breakdance moves.

Bat Mitzvah Graffiti

T-shirts stands, giant walls, guests souvenirs

Special Bat Mitzvah Entrance

Unique dancing course for bat mitzvah

The first entrance of the bat mitzvah girl to the hall is one of the highlights in the event. A special entrance is carried out in several ways and can be tailored to your request. 

Bat Mitzvah Entrance Examples

Special hall entrance - Bodyguards

The host announces dramatically: a senior security personality came to celebrate with us' we will just perform a swift scan and then cary with the event. Then the bat mitzvah girl enters as a VIP to the hall, escorted by breakdance dancers dressed as bodyguards with suit and sunglasses, while in the background the James Bond movie theme is playing.

Special hall entrance - Messiah

Does a Yeshiva student dance breakdance ?? The bat mitzvah girl is escorted by breakdance dancers dressed as yeshiva students, she is carried on the dancers shoulders with a happy yeshiva spirit, while in the background a groovy Hassidic music is playing. suddenly, her Hassidic escorts starts to dance breakdance and the audience gets up on its feet to have a look.

Special hall entrance - Hip hop party

The unleashedhip hop dancers arrive to the bat mitzvah dance floor. The bat mitzvah girl is escorted with breakdance dancers dressed in hip hop style, the bat mitzvah girl steps in with hip hop dancing moves and hip hop and Mtv music.

The energetic hip hop rhythm and breakdance dancers bring the audience to the dance floor for a joint hip hop dance with the bat mitzvah girl

Bat Mitzvah Shows &  Attractions

We offers a large variety of unique bat mitzvah attractions in a wide range of street art shows. Diversify your bat mitzvah event with attractions for a perfect bat mitzvah event.

Breakdance workshop for the audience

Dancers from "Lion of Zion" crew will teach the batmitzvah guests the art of dancing breakdance. The dancers will teach step by step lessons, the guests will practice basic hot breakdance steps that they can perform immediately on the dance floor of the bat mitzvah party.

Disco groove - bat mitzvah party

Lion of Zion dancers crew will sweep the bat mitzvah audience into an unleashed free dance party. During the breakdance show the dancers will invite the guests to a dancing circle and will teach them simple and fun dancing steps for a joint humoristic performance.

Urban D.J for bat mitzvah

D.j's for your bat mitzvah party will play the music that you choose, specialize in hip hop music and scratching technique, keep the audience dancing throughout the bat mitzvah event. they will perform special scratching shows with his gramophones, fit together with the other street arts like the breakdance show and the rap show.

Drummers circle

Professional drummers bring the drumming energy to your bat mitzvah. Everyone can take part in the drummers circle and let the tempo break out.
A mixture a of drummers and our hip hop dancibg girls and other street art style can be mixed up.

Rap and hip hop show

Contemporary rap and hip hop music, cheerful, energetic and original. Dynamic rapper with a cool show will light up your event with pounding songs and hip hop music, accompamied by a d.j who sweeps up fast song beat and keeps the rhythm going accross the bat mitzvah. The girl and the rapper can perform together an original bat mitzvah rap song that will pass on in a flowing way.

Bat mitzvah speech with rap

Preparation of a rap or hip hop homily, a bat mitzvah greeting that well be suited for the girl. a practice with the rapper for a shared performance at the bat mitzvah event. Exciting show that delivers a personal bat mitzvah speech in a fun and happy way.

Graffiti artists

The craziest and wildest painting art work - graffiti.Performed by a group of graffiti artists straight from the street, colorful creations that steam up the atmosphere and give the bat mitzvah a real urban feeling. A graffiti stall can be placed at the bat mitzvah event in which the artists paint on shirts as a souvenir for the guests from the bat mitzvah event.

Skateboard and rollerblades - "Wheels Of Fire"

The wheels of fire crew are champions of skating. They are skilled and professional and make a wonderful show with performing effects and skating skills on ramp and banisters.The Wheels Of Fire bat mitzvah show can be combined with the other street art shows of urban styles.

Unique Bat Mitzvah Clip

Street Art Production will produce a bat mitzvah clip for you with the diffrent street arts, with an original screenplay and unique choreography. The bat mitzvah clip is a special attraction that the guests love.

Please contact us with any questions

Over 10 years of experience in performances for Bat Mitzvah

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